Project Description

Recently, we caught up with Dana Fioravanti, Marketing & PR Manager for the Waldorf Astoria Park City and asked her a few questions on what makes the Waldorf such a coveted venue for destination weddings.  

How would you describe the style and ambiance of the Waldorf Astoria?

I would describe it as elegant, traditional, unique luxury. The Waldorf brand is the oldest luxury brand in America and started in New York. We have a very classic feel and even have a number of historical pieces in our lobby, which is common among all the Waldorf locations.

What are your personal favorite things about the Waldorf Astoria Park City?

My favorite thing is the location. We are the only luxury resort in Park City that is located at The Canyons Ski Resort. What’s so great about that is The Canyons Resort caters to both skiers and snowboarders so it accommodates to both interests. On top of that, we have our very own gondola that you can ride directly onto the ski resort, which is excellent.

Another thing to note is that since The Canyons is now a Vail Resort and part of the Vail Resort Community, those that have an Epic Pass can come and ski/snowboard here along with any of the other Vail Resorts throughout the country.

This is especially great because you hold weddings here year-round, correct?

We do. During the winter, we have a few different options in terms of spaces go and are perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings. In the summer there are even more options and we can accommodate even more guests thanks to our outdoor pavilion, courtyard area, and even an off-site ranch property as well.

What makes the Waldorf Astoria so different than other places in Utah or even Park City?

We have such a unique space, from top to bottom. It’s not very often that you have people that want to get married in a lobby for example, and yet we have dozens of requests to hold their wedding ceremony in our lobby because it’s so iconic. You can’t believe how many brides dream of coming down our beautiful staircase and having that be their main entrance.

Then there’s the direct access to The Canyons Resort so if couples decide they would like to hold their ceremony up on the ski resort then they can simply take the gondola up there for the ceremony and then come back down and have their dinner or reception here, and take advantage of both places.

Another thing is that since we are part of the Hilton brand, we are always running great specials. We recently ran one that gave couples 100,000 Hilton Honors points for holding their event here, which they could then use on their honeymoon to stay at another Hilton property.


What are some words that past couples have used to describe this place?

Classic. Elegant. Unmatched care and attention. Over-the-top staff.

And that’s a huge deal because when you are a planning such an important event like a wedding and trying to pay attention to the innumerable details that go into creating such a memorable event, then it’s so incredibly helpful to have a staff that will assist you in carrying everything out. It’s like having servants at your beck and call.

Exactly. It’s so fun to see all of our departments working together to make it one fabulous event.

You guys are one of only a few of resorts that have a 4-star rating with Forbes. What does that mean for couples holding their destination wedding here?

It means that everything we do from the service, to the amenities, to the food, will all be at an extremely-high level. Specifically for brides, it means that we will not only meet their unique needs but also go beyond that. In other words, everyone here at the Waldorf Astoria is working for you to make this day absolutely unforgettable.

What is the best way for interested couples to get in touch with you?

Get in touch with Elise Ruprecht, who is our wedding sales manager and provide her with information about the event such as time of year, indoor or outdoor preference, ceremony on-site or off-site, # of attendees (approx.), food preferences, and any other pertinent details about the event. Her contact info is:, (435) 647-5504.