Project Description

Hire a planner

A planner can make proper recommendations for vendors that are a good fit for the couple in ways of financial expectations, vision and chemistry. When a couple doesn’t live in the same location they are planning a wedding, they most likely don’t have connections or the knowledge of which vendors are within the area that are the best fit for them.
Having a planner on the ground in the location they are planning is a huge benefit because the couple can rely on them to bridge connections with the wedding team that is in place, and can personally to review layouts and design choices to make sure everything vibes properly with the space. A planner in place can also be there to put out fires that start where it’s harder for a couple to do this from a distance.


Make Time

A couple planning a destination wedding should make extra time in their schedules for the planning portion of the wedding process.
(ESPECIALLY if they don’t have a planner.)When a planner isn’t involved, the couple will spend nearly triple the amount of time conducting research to hire the right vendors.
A couple should do their best to make time for a trip (or two) to visit the destination location. It’s challenging to envision an event in a space you’ve never been in. Making your event a priority and taking the time to visit your wedding location to ensure things are running smoothly and that the possibility is there to
create a layout and flow that is fitting, is vital. Sometimes you have to get into the space to be able to make choices that are right for you as a couple.
If you’re in one time zone and the vendors and venue you are working with is in another time zone, it’s important to practice flexibility with your schedule and to make time for meetings, even it means an early or late phone call. Don’t expect your vendors and venue to bow to your schedule 100% of the time. It’s important to be mindful of others’ schedules as well, especially when crossing time zones.
-Michelle Leo Cousins

Michelle is the owner and founder of Michelle Leo Events, an award-winning event-planning and
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