Project Description

The wedding photography industry is one of the few industries that is not regulated, and also has a very low barrier to entry. As a result, practically anyone can call themselves a “professional photographer” without any solid basis for that claim. You probably see this scenario all the time: your friend or relative purchases a fancy, new camera and suddenly they have achieved “professional” status. Yet these are people who show up your wedding day and are tasked with documenting one of (if not THE) biggest days of your life as well as working with your family and friends to create amazing photos and memories that will last long past the wedding day. And on top of that, you only get one shot at it all!

This can be a very scary situation. Having been in the photography business for nearly seven years now, I have seen this happen to way too many people. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people tell me that their biggest regret from their wedding day was not getting the right photographer. They tell me, “Our photographer was really cheap but the photos were just awful” or “the photographer we chose was just mean and didn’t even really care about what we really wanted. He seemed like he just wanted to get in and get out.”

And the real lousy part is that it’s so difficult to tell the really good, standout photographers from the crummy ones while you are just looking online. It’s become so easy nowadays to purchase a professionally-designed website, slap up a few good photos, call yourself a “professional” and start charging people hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

And that is how this consumer’s awareness guide, Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Wedding Photographer, came about. Because you only really have one shot at your wedding day and capturing all the emotions and events, you just can’t chance it. In this case, ignorance is definitely NOT bliss. This guide has been featured on numerous wedding websites, publications, and blogs and has been downloaded by countless couples while searching for their photographer.  Compiled by one of the industry’s most sought-after photographer, Mark Thackeray of Pier23, this resource uncovers the inherent challenges and potential pitfalls of finding the right photographer as well as answering common concerns regarding time allocation for photos, scheduling, and more.


How can you know which photographer is going to give you great photos with a great experience?

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know to choose the right wedding photographer for you and your wedding. You will discover the following:

  • 8 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing
  • A Photographer
  • The Difference Between Value & Price
  • 20 Questions To Ask Your Photographer
  • 6 Costly Misconceptions of Wedding Photography
  • How to Maximize Your Photography Coverage
  • What to Wear at Your Engagement Session
  • How Much Time For Family Portraits, Wedding Party Photos, etc
  • And More!


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